#rsrh Shocker: Obamacare cost Democrats the House!

Gee, what gave it away?

Could it have been the fact that the program was shoved down our throat via the flimsiest of legislative rationalizations.  Or maybe that this was done despite the clear opinions of the electorate?  Then there’s the detail that the legislation remains unpopular to this day, to the point where candidates would rather be seen as hypocritical of Obamacare than be seen as supporters of it.  Any way you look at it… well, it’s nice that there’s now SCIENCE! telling us that Obamacare was an albatross around the neck of the Democratic party.  But I knew it already.

Why?  Because people tried to claim that calling Obamacare “Obamacare” was derogatory.  That was when the DOOM started.

Moe Lane

(Via Hot Air)

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