I suspect that this Mass Effect 3 DLC issue isn’t the issue.

Short version: it’s being claimed that Bioware stripped out the  “From Ashes” ME3 DLC (downloadable content) from the main game in order to make more money.  There’s a bunch of stuff about code and a bunch of acronyms and whatnot; personally, I never noticed, mostly because I pre-ordered a physical copy of the game over a year ago after seeing what happened when everybody tried to download the Dragon Age 2 demo at once.  That bit of foresight got me the DLC for free.

Anyway, I think that this is more redirected grieving for a PC than anything else.  Or something.


  • AZR says:

    OMG a company selling virtual crack tried to make money from the addicts! Teh horror!

  • Neil Stevens says:

    It’s overblown.

    These decisions are being made ALL THE TIME.

    It’s not like they finish the game, ship it, then start planning DLC. No, they plan out DLC in advance. More efficient, etc. It’s obvious.

  • Aruges says:

    I got a feeling from watching the “best” ending that BioWare has a epilog/ending fans don’t hate DLC planned…

  • peter says:

    That’s simply genius: outrage fans with the worst possible ending, then sell the good one.

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