I just got sent this.

Point, as they say, taken.  And, by the way… there was a certain amount of irony on how it all ended up.  I kept expecting a damned skeleton, or something.

Hopefully that isn’t really spoiler-y.  Then again, it’s taking real skill at this point to avoid knowing how Mass Effect 3 ended.


  • Aruges says:

    Read these guys back when they were doing Mac Hall. Fallowed 3PS until Matt Boyd couldn’t contain his disdain for the half of the country who voted for Bush anymore. He was a journalist at the time, so that probably explains much.

    Did it get better since then?

  • TomInKorea says:

    I still don’t REALLY know how ME3 ended. I had the game on Day 1 but I’ve yet to complete it. I’m being really thorough with the side missions.

    (I have a clue about the ending because I clicked Moe’s link regarding a spoiler from a couple days ago, but I immediately turned away and clicked exit on the window once I read the first sentence. I didn’t actually think I could be spoiled by a game after my time on the planet and I’m trying really, really hard to not dwell on what I read as I try to complete the game.)

    Trying to avoid even more spoilers about Mass Effect 3 is more difficult than avoiding results about the Super Bowl the day of/after the event on the internet.

  • Cameron says:

    At the risk of sounding oblivious, I never noticed any of that from Matt unless it was in one of the rants. I very rarely read those from any artist.
    But seriously; “Geth Taco.” I would get lunch there as long as I was well armed.

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