#rsrh A general suggestion to pollsters, particularly D-leaning ones.

Triggered by flipping through this Hot Air post… STOP MUCKING ABOUT WITH THE SAMPLE’S PARTISAN ID PERCENTAGES.  That trick doesn’t work any more.  Everybody knows by now to look to see whether the partisan breakdown of the poll matches the actual voter percentages in the last few elections; and when they don’t (like they didn’t in the last National Journal poll) the impact of the poll is thus diminished.  Also: it’s not like skewed polling makes a difference, either: there were a lot of polls in 2010 that effectively failed to downplay just how badly the Democrats were going to do that year.  Finally: don’t just not release the partisan ID numbers, either.  People WILL ask where they are.

Seriously, all that using skewed polls is doing at this point is convincing half the country that you’re not to be trusted as far as you can be thrown.  Keep that in mind.

10 thoughts on “#rsrh A general suggestion to pollsters, particularly D-leaning ones.”

  1. Moe, you know perfectly well that polls are not intended to FIND things out, but rather as bandwagon propaganda.

  2. The point of a business is to make the customer happy. If your customers are biased liberal media outlets, you “adjust” your product accordingly. Pollsters only use real data close to the election, so they can then tout their “accuracy” for the next cycle. As always, cash is king.

  3. There comes a time when the wheels fall off the bandwagon and all the spinning and lies won’t help, when no amount of money can save you from the DOOM that is about to descend upon you. The Democrats are about to enter that time. Millions of people unemployed for three and one half years is not something you can spin or prevaricate yourself out of.

  4. Likewise the attempt to paint all Southerners as drooling bigots. Feeds the narrative, but ever-so-slightly starting to boomerang on those saying it. Tell us to shut up–we laugh and say, ‘keep talking.’

  5. Heh. One of the smartest guys I’ve met recently, who engineered and now sells some *very* complex systems integration and automation gear, sounds like he could have been an extra on “Dukes of Hazard”. Masters-level work, good husband, good father, solid citizen. This yankee cat can see the South is rising again.


  6. Qixqatl, don’t know if your checking this but just in case, ever check for “work from home” stuff? Try NTI( National Telecommuting Institute), I know I got an edge with my disability but you could check them out. It couldn’t hurt, and as the old saying goes “any port in a storm”.

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