#rsrh Carol Shea-Porter on course for another humiliating defeat.

It’s quite exciting, really: with the dropping out of… somebody or other; I don’t follow New Hampshire politics that closely; besides, it’s just a Democrat anyway… Carol Shea-Porter is on track to challenge Frank Guinta, the incumbent that beat her 54/43 in 2010.

Now, there’s some argument that Guinta’s going to have a tougher time in a rematch, and that’s almost certainly true – the polls mentioned in the first link above have Guinta with Shea-Porter tied in one January poll, and ahead-but-not-at-50% in a later one –  but you have to look at Shea-Porter as an actual candidate, too.  Her win in 2006 was a 51/49 squeaker upset, and in 2008 – a great year to be a Democratic incumbent – she managed a 52/46 win in her rematch.  Shea-Porter is also a notable hypocrite with the political instincts of a tasered marmoset whose standard progressive (and antiwar rhetoric) got her in trouble time and again.  And, oh yeah: she thinks that she was taken down by the Chinese government.  Which is better than thinking that it’s all a Jewish plot, so at least Shea-Porter has that going for her.All in all, there was a reason why I was so happy last year to hear that she was running again…

Moe Lane

PS: Here and here and here and here for more Carol Shea-Porter goofiness.  This woman was almost as much fun as a chew toy as Alan Grayson was, and he hits people with his car.

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