…Words [BZZZT!] fail me.

I hope to God that this got started because somebody bet somebody else that they could get this concept all the way through to production.

It’s the bloated soccer ball that really puts the cap on this particular exercise in the death of individual dignity.  If they used a football or something then you could make the case that playing in this sport was not a tacit condemnation of your poor life choices to date; but the size of the ball tells you The point of the exercise is to film you writhing on the ground in agony from being tazed several times, sir.  The resulting ‘temporary’ neural damage thus means that we need to provide you a ball that your palsied, shaking arms can hope to hold on to – although, honestly? If we thought that we could just get away with simply having people run at and taze each other we wouldn’t even have bothered with the ball.  Apparently, however, even entertainment lawyers have things that they balk at…

Well.  Perhaps words didn’t fail me, after all.

Via AoSHQ.


  • BCochran1981 says:

    W..t..? The ginormous ball ruins it for me. And you know they’ve got the power turned way down on those tazers. P*ssies.

  • Prayerborne says:

    Creeping Britishisms Alert: It should be “The Future of Sport_S_,” dammit.

    I wanna see Taser, Inc. come out with a competing league. I bet THEY’D let the players actually shoot the probes at each other; the resulting mass performance of the Kickin’ Chicken (aka neuromuscular incapacitation) would be youtube GOLD.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Actually, I would give this game a shot. Football has become extremely waterdown and I’m becoming bored with players whining that they are getting hurt. I’m ready for something else.

  • lourae says:

    I feel that way about the Oscars. Fight to the death, that I’d watch. The women may be thin, but the men are little.

  • Brian Swisher says:

    I think that they should allow the viewers to shock the players…

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