#rsrh Make Tom Hanks live by his own set of rules.

Via The Daily Caller. For those without video: it shows Tom Hanks involved in a private comedy skit that involved one guy making slams on conservatives – and another dressed in a stereotypical ‘native African’ costume, complete with blackface.

And Mr. Hanks just let it all pass without comment.

Please note: if Tom Hanks cannot live by the aforementioned set of rules, then perhaps Tom Hanks should contemplate not being so quick to support an ideology that dictates that others do.

Moe Lane

PS: Unlike Ed Morrissey I’m not torn about hitting this at all. I have had it up to here with sanctimonious hypocrites who think that they can lecture people on standards that they themselves either surreptitiously violate, or let others violate without comment. Put another way: I’m perfectly fine with the idea that dressing up in blackface, and in a fashion that evokes crude racial/cultural stereotypes, is is a tasteless activity that shouldn’t be allowed to pass unchallenged*; I just wish that Tom Hanks agreed with me.

*Note that I don’t think that this sort of thing should be illegal. People can be and should be allowed to be schmucks in public. But then, I think that social disapproval for a particularly egregious violation is sufficient negative reinforcement.


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