#rsrh Do I feel bad about this?

I suppose I do, in an intellectual sort of way:

At [Debbie] Halvorson’s campaign headquarters, the mood was somber almost from the moment the polls closed. Halvorson smiled — her staff sulked — and she tried to stay positive for the TV cameras when she arrived at her election-night party in a downtown Homewood bar.

She said she was happy about the outcome, and happy for [Jesse] Jackson [Jr.], though he didn’t take her call when she tried to congratulate him.

I mean, I wouldn’t have taken Debbie Halvorson’s call, either – but then, I’m not a Democrat anymore.  Still, it’s a bit not-nice of the Congressman.  Guess I’m just a big softy that way – or just disappointed.  Halvorson would have been a lot easier to beat in that district.

Ach, well. Go Brian Woodworth!

Moe Lane


  • Stan Pruss says:

    Am I allowed to hope he follows Blago before Nov?

  • David Quimby says:

    Moe, my name is David Quimby and I am the social media and internet advertising manager for Woodworth for Congress! Thanks for the support and don’t forget to “like” us on facebook.

  • acat says:

    Ol’ Triple-J’s prolly still pissed his daddy didn’t get him the Senate seat he wanted. His daddy got him a beer franchise, how much harder can a senate seat be?

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