#rsrh So, did anybody ever tell Jay Carney…

…that there would be days when he’d have to defend things like Joe Biden’s assertion that the Osama bin Laden was the most audacious military action in half a millennium?  I personally hope not: being press secretary for this administration means being OK with being a swarmy little suckweasel (seriously, it’s listed as a job requirement), which makes my sympathies, ah, muted.

Video at the link: I’d say that it was funny the way that the press corps laughed at the whole thing, except that the below demonstrates the extent to which they covered it:

Not to be impolite or anything, but Sarah Palin got more grief over a comment that she didn’t even make.

Moe Lane


  • vettepilot says:

    Just thought of something that is either a)terrifying, or b) hilarious. CIA operatives, Delta, and DEVGRU are going into places like this constantly, right? Maybe they’re not hitting High-Value Targets like bin Laden, but they’re definitely putting their life on the line in some extremely unfriendly places. The fact that Biden thinks that *this* op was the most audacious one tells me just how little information they actually trust him with…

  • lourae says:

    Think Carney gets “lubricated” before or after work? Or both?

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