#rsrh QotD, Let’s Not Eat Our Seed Corn Edition.

Ed Morrissey, in the process of explaining why Marco Rubio should not be the VP nominee in 2012*:

Yes, I know Obama only had two years in the Senate before beginning his run for the top spot.  Look how well that’s working out.

Although I’m sure Barack Obama means well.  Or, to quote Robert Anton Wilson, I’m sure he means something.

Moe Lane

*Essentially, it’s the lack of executive experience in general and the only been in the Senate for a little over a year in particular.  I fully agree.  Two terms as Senator: a term as Florida Governor; then Rubio can be President.  Rubio’s a young guy, so we’ve got time to wring out a decent decade’s worth of work out of him.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, Let’s Not Eat Our Seed Corn Edition.”

  1. The real reason not to have Rubio as Veep is so that he’s not Palin’d by Romney’s staff, and the left.

  2. I figure it’ll be Bob McDonnell as he’s term limited and a Romney supporter or maybe Paul Ryan. Both are from purple-ish states. Could also see Rand Paul or Mike Pence maybe.

    Chris Christie would over shadow Romney rhetorically. Rubio’s too young. Bobby Jindal is most likely to be Palin’d because of his goofy voice and accent (like what happened after his SOTU rebuttal). Jeb Bush is a Bush. Scott Walker must stay in WI and win (and then run for president in 4-8 years). Rick Perry & Newt Gingrich don’t seem to much care for Romney, personally. Bachman’s got crazy eyes and says crazier stuff. Palin & Santorum are too polarizing.

    Of course there’s always Butch Otter. I know nothing about him, but I’d totally vote for a guy named “Butch Otter” sight unseen.

  3. I’m figuring that if they can’t convince an actual conservative to ruin his or her political future by being tied to Romney they’ll go with Pawlenty, figuring they can lose 10 points in most of the southern states and still win them, and they might actually get something from him.

  4. Rob,

    While I share some reticence in letting Marco Rubio be the VP nominee, do you really think Jeb Bush and company would allow Rubio to be treated like Palin for one minute?!

  5. This is the same argument I have made to others – if he’s this good let us have him get some seasoning in first, such as a governorship. It is better to be a little hard-nosed about this than go all ‘Marco Rubio! *swoon*’ like a Democrat with the 2008 Obama.

    This is politics after all, not a sock hop.

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