Today! Is. @WilliamShatner ‘s! BIRTHDAY!

He is! Trying to get. ONE MILLION. Followers! This is THE LAST DAY!

OK, I’ll stop now.

Via @MellissaTweets.  I retain a certain fondness for William Shatner, which is largely tied up with my certain fondness for Star Trek: TOS.  Which is to say, I fully recognize that there were large aspects of the entire Star Trek thing that were hokey and silly, but I loved the show as a teenager and I ended up reading a lot of hard science fiction because of it.  So Happy Birthday, William Shatner.

This is still possibly his best performance EVER, though.

3 thoughts on “Today! Is. @WilliamShatner ‘s! BIRTHDAY!”

  1. TOS was the only worthwhile Star Trek. The rest were PC pablum. TNG turned Klingons in to first class wusses. Losers.

  2. @countrydoc — that’s not really fair. TOS had plenty of clunkers of its own. “Spock’s Brain”, for instance. Or this one: (with bonus Shatnertastic acting)


    The latter series had some good episodes too (although I will grant you, nothing quite plumbed the depths of embarrassing awfulness like the “Janeway and Paris turn into lizards and have babies” one)

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