“Wow. You hate me! You really, really hate me!”

I seem to have struck a nerve with this post holding Elizabeth Warren to the same speech code that she and her fellow progressive buddies are so slobberingly eager to inflict on the rest of us at the drop of a hat.  Various complaints, whines on Twitter, direct-to-spam tantrums on this site, and at least one RedState banning (need to check that one to see whether we’ve flushed out any more trolls), it’s absolutely clear that a bunch of people are not happy with me.

You know what that means, right?

Right.  It means that it’s time for a pledge drive.

Not feeling as bad about this one; my birthday’s next week and my coffeemaker just picked this opportunity to totally give up the ghost.  So I figure that anything that I glean from this can be used to get the aforementioned coffeemaker; if the thing takes off I’ll consider getting a PS3 like I’ve been thinking of.  If it really takes off then maybe I’ll think about the Xbox 360 that is apparently this Holy Grail, or something (these are all on the Wish List, obviously).

But, really, the coffeemaker’s the critical one.  And I expect that I’ll just buy it when the current workaround finally drives me nuts.

We’ll end this one on my birthday.  Next Wednesday, in other words.

Moe Lane

PS: To the more unhinged and bitter members of the Online Left: the hate mail leading up to this was somewhat… uninspired. I plan to use you folks to drive this pledge drive, so I’m going to need good examples of your, and I use the term loosely, art.  Nothing pedestrian, thanks.

What?  You guys perform on cue like trained seals for the Democrats; don’t tell me that this is a hard concept for any of you. – And why me?  Because I told you to, obviously.  That one works like a charm on you lot, too.


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