I’m kind of taking it easy today…

…I spent the morning running through Skyrim again.  Well, a portion of it.  The portion of it where the evil mage that I just decapitated decided to get up again and keep thr0wing blasts of energy at me until I actually managed to whittle her down to zero health.

Without a HEAD.

I am pretty sure that this was a bug*… and it is nonetheless THE GREATEST BUG EVER because it freaked me the hell out when it happened, and moments of fear in Skyrim are actually not all that common.  So.  Well done?

Moe Lane

*At a guess, they didn’t want you one-shotting bosses, which this mage was.  They just didn’t remove the cutscene for the aforementioned decapitation.

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  • JLanceCombs says:

    I had a bug in New Vegas once where I shot the chick’s head off and it vanished, but I could still interact with it and carry it around. It was just a spot in the air that showed her name when you hovered the cursor over it.

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