#rsrh QotD, Glenn Is As Exasperated As I Am edition.

On the Zimmerman shooting:

…A Hispanic Democrat shoots a black guy and somehow it’s the fault of white Republicans. Because, I guess, everything is.

Although I’d like to note for the record that if you happen to be a Latino Democrat then you should probably be taking seriously any feelings of disquiet or low-grade worry that might have erupted over the way that events have unfolded.  Just a suggestion; feel free to ignore it.

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  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    That may be the narrative in the fever swamps of the left, but living with a staunch liberal every day, I think I’m seeing the more common narrative that this confirms that black teens remain under siege, and therefore it’s not yet time to declare racism dead.

    This is very, very important. Without racism, you need to somehow explain how the War of Poverty has produced exactly zero reduction in poverty while creating a permanent, dependent underclass.

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