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Greg Sargent, whining about how those awful judges were so mean to those nice Obamacare arguments.  It takes a special kind of brain to consider a position that 2/3rds of the country holds ‘hard-right,’ and to think that a particular argument is ‘beneath contempt’ when it’s potentially being taken seriously by a working majority of the people that you absolutely need to convince*.  Fortunately, Sargent has that brain.

Via The Volokh Conspiracy**, and frankly Jonathan Adler’s being a lot less cruel to these people than I am.  Then again, he probably has to deal with them on a more regular basis than I do.  That’s not meant as a slam; it’s not Adler’s fault that I have less constraints on my speaking than he does.

Moe Lane

*You can disagree with those people.  You can successfully overcome their objections.  But if you simply declare that those objections are not worth your time – and you’re on the wrong side of the power imbalance – then you’re going to end up doing the intellectual equivalent of crawling around the floor while looking for your teeth.  And hey!  That’s pretty much what happened this week with Obamacare supporters.

**Via Hot Air Headlines.

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