#rsrh Wall Street: All or nothing on Obamacare?

I’ll take ‘Nothing,’ thanks.

That’s Ed Morrissey’s opinion, based on how health care stocks are going: and that sounds about right to me, too.  I’ll also note that if our self-appointed elites think that the populace was inflamed before, then they’re going to have the shock of their lives if the courts decide that it’s actually constitutional for the government to force me to engage in economic activity.  I don’t care what the pundits think: most of those folks also completely missed how ticked off people were going to get about Obamacare in the first place, so I’m not really ready to believe them now when they argue that the populace would tolerate the permanent imposition of the very, very, very unpopular individual mandate.

Note that all of this is ‘if,’ though.  I don’t guarantee that the whole mess will be tossed out, but I like our chances.  ‘Course, I also thought that Democrats in Congress wouldn’t really put their genitals in the sausage grinder and flip the on switch over Obamacare, so my judgement is probably suspect as well…

Moe Lane

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  • bill54 says:

    Your judgment is not in question–anyone could underestimate the inability for politicians to use their common sense. After all, they knew what happened when they messed with our toilets, our light bulbs and our washing detergents. So they being politicians just had to push the envelope TOO DAMN FAR. I’m just amazed no Republicans voted for the thing. So maybe most Republicans have a hair more common sense than the Democrats. Still doesn’t say much for them, either. A hair more is still a whole wig less than they need!

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