Walp, the Maryland primary is today.

Thank God Perry’s still on the ballot: it’s about the only thing motivating me to vote in the primary.  Although that’s not really fair, given that we have a pretty big slate of candidates who want to go up against Ben Cardin in the Senate race.  I interviewed one of them (Dan Bongino) at CPAC, in fact.  Still, the Republican primary started too early and I am completely ready to see the next President kill ethanol subsidies once and for all, then urinate on the cooling ashes.

…OK, maybe I shouldn’t RedHot this one.

4 thoughts on “Walp, the Maryland primary is today.”

  1. I thought the ethanol subsidies died of natural causes, i.e. a sunset clause. Am I incorrect?

  2. So I’ve been trying to find out about the people on my ballot and it’s surprisingly difficult. The guys running against Sarbanes Jr. seem like a bunch of nobodies. I guess the GOP didn’t seriously consider recruiting for that seat. That’s what happens when your district is gerrymandered to do a semicircle through 1/2 the state. I’ll probably go with Knowles. . . mostly because he’s a bartender.
    The Senate seat seems like it has 2 serious contenders in Richard Douglas, who is endorsed by John Bolton and Dan Bongino who is endorsed by Mike Lee. I’m leaning towards Bongino, but it seems difficult to distinguish between the 2 of them. Then again, living in MD, I’ll probably just end up with Sarbanes and Cardin again.

  3. everyone I voted for won! except for Perry, of course, who still picked up 1,040 votes despite not running anymore.

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