RIP, Jack Tramiel (1928-2012). #c64

If you’re wondering who Jack Tramiel is: he’s the guy who founded Commodore Business Machines International, which of course was the company that produced the Commodore 64 – which is of course the first computer that a lot of people my age and below ever owned.  Certainly the C64 was my first computer. I don’t want to either overstate or understate the importance of the C64: suffice it to say that having a legitimately useful, affordable personal computer available to middle-class families did its part towards developing our current digital culture.

Even if you did have to put the power adapters in the freezer in order to cool them down.

Moe Lane


  • Daniel Wallace says:

    My first computer was the VIC20, then the C64, then the Amiga and then I finally moved on to “big boy” computers. Good times throughout.

  • Patrick Thomas says:

    I remember playing Telengard on my 64. We had both a tape and floppy drive. Then things got interesting when we picked up the 128.

  • qsclues says:

    My career as a software developer is in no small way related to the C64 I got as a Christmas present in 2nd grade. Learned to program in BASIC, and have used those skills ever since. Hate to think of where I’d be without that start.

  • countrydoc says:

    I played games on it. That was the extent of its “usability” for me.

  • Josh Reiter says:

    Ah the days of swapping disk after disk on a dungeon crawl through Bard’s Tale.

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