#rsrh Assertion v. Reality on Texas redistricting.

Assertion (March 20th, 2012):
Texas Redistricting Costing Republicans & Romney

 As the Texas redistricting fiasco continues, Reuters reports that Republicans are losing the opportunity to capture the state’s Latino vote.

Disillusioned by the Democrats, a Texas Latino Lawmaker Joins GOP

José Manuel Lozano, who represents District 43, started the month of March as a Democrat. Now the Mexican-American business owner is a Republican.

“I didn’t leave the party…the party left me,” Lozano said, echoing Ronald Reagan’s famous line, in a recent interview with Fox News Latino.

Call me nuts, but I suspect that a Texas state legislator may have a better idea of what’s going on in his own state than would, say, a foreign news agency that might perhaps think of Texas as being some sort of doubly-foreign country.  Admittedly, coming to that conclusion might result in a position that clashes horribly with the existing media narrative…

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Assertion v. Reality on Texas redistricting.”

  1. The MSM seems to forget that most Latinos are Catholic, and that legitimate success in this country tends to make those who are successful Conservative. Okay with me, though.

  2. If we could get the GOP to stop trying to do outreach to Mexican immigrants (and their descendants) as though they’re Cuban immigrants …

    Cuba and Mexico have different cultures, different reasons for coming to America, and successful outreach of *any* kind must recognize this.


  3. I love the Liberal argument that conservatives are doomed because of “demographics” and the fact that the hispanic voting block is expanding rapidly. So, conservatives are doomed because the country’s demographics are becoming more like Texas?

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