#rsrh Bill Nelson (D, FL) tries to sell out Barack Obama over gas prices.

(Via Instapundit) Don’t get your hopes up; the goofball Senator goofball thinks that the problem is that the administration isn’t hands-on enough when it comes to regulating away all those obscene gas profits*.  Still, Bill Nelson is criticizing an administration that doesn’t like being criticized… which tells you quite a bit on how shaky Florida must be seeming to the Democrats these days.

Also, this bit from the article is entertaining, for possibly obscure reasons:

Obama has focused on alternative energy and other long-term strategies to bring down gas prices by decreasing demand.

Many republicans say prices will drop if we increase the supply.

Starting in 2007 (Congress going Democratic) and accelerating in 2009 (Obama taking office), we’ve been trying the first strategy more and more.  …So, how is that working out for people?  I’m personally finding that it kind of sucks as a cost-cutter, frankly.

Moe Lane

*In 2011 Exxon claimed that they make two cents a gallon on gasoline.  Somewhere in that range between dueling soundbites is the real profit margin, I’m sure.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    I really wouldn’t be shocked at 2c a gallon. But, then, I work for a grocery chain, where we drool over the prospect of that high a profit margin; it’s about 4-5x what we make on groceries.

  • JSRagman says:

    Not surprised about Senator Nelson. I got an e mail flyer touting the Republican budget and how it will kill Medicare. I replied requesting an explanation re the impact of the Obamacare cuts from Medicare to support another government program. He did not reply. My wife and I will not be supporting him come Nov.

  • George Neitz says:

    If reelected Bill Nelson would sell ever4y senior in Florida for a bag of peanuts.
    Lets make sure this useless piece of rubbish is given his forced retirement this time around.

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