Barack Obama: STILL not paying women as much as men?

I believe that the technical term for this would be ‘glass ceiling.’

Via @mkhammer comes this latest example of Do As I Say, Not As I Line-Item Budget from the Obama administration. Executive summary: the Obama administration is allegedly paying its female staffers roughly 18% less than its male ones.  I’m using the term ‘allegedly’ because the original report did not separate out staffers by gender, forcing “some assumptions to be made based on the employee names” (as the Free Beacon put it); I’m reporting it anyway because Barack Obama was – well, he wasn’t actually notorious for it in 2008, but not for lack of trying.  Anyway, he had a real problem with this sort of thing as a Senator, and it’s not exactly clear that being President has taught him to improve his ways.

More at Hot Air; I don’t know if Allahpundit remembers  that Ed Morrissey was on this story in 2008, too.  Probably not: both RedState and Hot Air have published a lot of material since then.  God knows that this administration seems determined to keep feeding us these opportunities to point out its flaws…

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PS: You cannot reasonably expect others to respect you if you will not respect yourself.  Either you get that, or you don’t.  There’s no middle ground.

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  1. Yeah, but he signed a law forcing other people to do what he thinks he doesn’t have to do, so…

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