#rsrh Now THIS is an entertaining anti-Falk WI-GOV recall ad.

Not so much for the ad itself, but because I’m blatantly not giving a courtesy link to PolitiFact for it.

PolitiFact has been stepping in it with regard to their blatant partisanship lately, and the only way that they’re going to learn better is if they start getting negative feedback.  So… no link.  Links are for honest sites.

Moe Lane

PS: I support Scott Walker in the recall election, of course.

PPS: Hey, quick question: does Kathleen Falk think that stay at home moms don’t actually work?  Tom Barrett, too, for that matter – after all, they’re both Democrats, so it’s a valid question.  And one that should be asked, preferably when there’s a camera right there to get their instant reactions.

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