#rsrh This is the great paradox of American left-feminism…

…as this particular Sarah Silverman abortion hoax tweet shows, they have somehow traveled down a path that is now forcing them to espouse a sexual and cultural worldview that seems designed to satisfy every desire of adolescent heterosexual males.  Because, let me tell you: 16 year old kids will love what Silverman did, here: it speaks to them on a profoundly fundamental level.  Personally, I just find it low-rent; it’s the policy equivalent to showing people a mouth full of mashed potatoes, or possibly the fascinating deposit that you’ve just withdrawn from your left nostril.

Moe Lane

PS: Have your gall bladder checked, Ms. Silverman; bloat like that could mean that you’re on the verge of having a bad case of gallstones.  Which – speaking from personal experience – can be excruciating.

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