#rsrh Hey! Jennifer Granholm is still alive! …OR IS SHE*? (“DUN-dun-dunnnh!!!!!)

(Via RCP) You remember her: she was the woman who, as governor, did her level best to drive Michigan so hard into the ground that it’d leave an impact crater.  Jury’s still out on whether she succeeded or not, alas… but anyway: she kind of hates Mitt Romney.

Of course, that may be due to the fact that Mitt Romney is a former governor who gets to be on prime time TV whenever he feels like it, while Granholm is relegated to… Current TV.  Which is another way of saying that Granholm’s absolutely desperate to get the traffic associated with, say, a RedState link; which is the major reason why this post is not appearing on RedState.

Yes, I’m a sadist sometimes.

Moe Lane

PS: What?  Oh, she feels hat Romney’s a “hollow man.”  Which is entertaining on general principles, because I never particularly thought that Jennifer Granholm was precisely over-encumbered with an excess of soul, herself.  For that matter, I’m not sure that I trust the judgement of a politician who managed to parlay a 7% state unemployment rate (remember when that was high?) to about 13% in 8 years – four years which being a time where the national unemployment rate decreased.  Actually, that’s not true: I’m that I don’t trust the judgement of a politician who was that incompetent.

*I had an errant thought about this entire Current TV thing.  I’ve always been interested in folklore, and when reading about ghosts I’ve noticed that a lot of cultures have stories about ghosts who didn’t actually know that they were ghosts; they would keep on going on doing what they were doing, and never realize the contradictions and/or incongruities between what they thought was going on, and what was actually going on.

This… sounds a lot like Current TV, huh?


  • K M Scane says:

    We here in Michigan had to put up with this Progressive version of ‘action in Government’ for 8 torturous years.
    It was common knowledge among those who faced her, she never had an opinion that she didn’t run by her husband, “Man’s Manners Advocate”,and radio advice host, Dan Mulhernfirst and modified same nightly.{Pillow talk?}
    Right after she was replaced by Snyder, she showed her colors and moved to Berkeley, Calif. to a teaching position.(What positivity,or ‘Edumacation’ she can impart, was never shown while she was a Governor)

    Now, Al and Joel got her. Just last week a local T V reviewer {Tom Long,Det.News} wrote up a puff-piece about how ‘Governorly’ she looked, and how out of place she appeared on this *afternoon kids show*. AAWWW-www….

  • BJ54 says:

    Spooky! That ghost story thing is right on with too many media and political types.

  • JeffV says:

    That would certainly explain why their arguments seem to be 40 years out of date..

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