#rsrh QotD, It DIDN’T Taste Like Chicken, Barry? Edition.

John Hayward, on the now-suddenly-a-distraction-because-it’s-not-helping-to-Obama Dog War:

The point of the exercise, for Team Obama – which, let us never forget, was very serious about pounding Romney with the Seamus story, because they were worked into a lather by focus group studies that showed it hurt his likeability ratings – was to plant these little viral memes into the public consciousness.  You were supposed to roll into November thinking that Mitt Romney cruelly strapped his dog to the roof and made him sick.  That was meant to become a detail that “everybody knows,” without quite remembering where they heard it.

And that’s why this whole episode is such a hideous disaster for Team Obama, because now the one thing everyone will remember is that Obama ate a dog.

Via @SissyWillis.  Read the whole thing: there’s some good stuff in there, particularly about how all of this could have been handled by the media better if only they had actually read Obama’s books…


  • BCochran1981 says:

    I get different cultures and norms and all that. I get you’ll do a lot if you’re hungry enough. (No indication of that here I believe.) But a damn DOG????

  • Jbird says:

    I am just highly amused that the two supercilious attacks against Romney so far (on Ann and on Seamus) have so spectacularly blown up in the Obama Team’s face. Even weeks after the story fell apart I still see The Daily Beast trying to push the Ann Romney is out of touch meme. Now it sounds like Team Obama wants to start a silver spoon line of attack.

  • lourae says:

    It is beyond laughable. Romney grew up solidly middle-class (like Obama); went to public, then private school (like Obama); Ivy league education (like Obama)–and then went on to make his own fortune (like Obama). Big difference: much more successful. I predict another Acme Landmine Kit here.

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    In a broader sense, doesn’t feel like the right is locked, loaded, and razor-focused on this election? The responses are quick, deadly, and spirited.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    I think what happened is that the left expected the right to be split and dispirited after a “brutal” primary fight and the win of the establishment pick over the grassroots’ objections. Then they chose to attack the candidate’s wife for choosing her kids over her career. Then they chose to attack the candidate over one of those embarrassing family stories everyone has to try to paint the guy as a monster.
    And in the process have brought the right together, reminding everyone that there are plenty of things we CAN agree on, and that the importance of family and our disgust for Obama are two of them.

  • techsan says:

    Guess we’re not such a silent majority any more. I thought the lefties owned the online world? Heh. Guess not. The ‘Army of Davids’ is mobilizing. And, hey, MSM….there’s more of us. And we’re smarter than you. And what’s best, is that you don’t understand that last point.

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