7 thoughts on ““Dust in the Wind.””

  1. I’ve liked this one since it came out in ’77. Yes, we are but dust in the wind. And the wind is but movement of air molecules, driven by heat differences. And the heat is but an effect of radiation from a star. And the star is but nuclear reactions within one of billions of such stars. And those stars are but the result of a primordial big bang. And that big bang? The result of a First Cause? I think so.

  2. I can’t help but think of the relevant scene in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

  3. I am the anti-Publius. I have hated this song with the burning passion of a million suns ever since it came out in the year I graduated from high school. If I want depressing music, I’ll dance to Joy Division.

  4. I heard Kansas perform this song live in 1994; the venue was very much nothing special (an amusement park in Oklahoma City) but they did the best version of this song that I’ve ever heard, better than the studio album version even, and possibly even the best live song I’ve heard anywhere. If you want a real 1-2 whammy, try listening to Boston _Foreplay/Long Time_ followed by _Dust In The Wind_– the Boston song is all about chasing your dream, and then Kansas comes along and sings “All my dreams pass before my eyes with curiosity / Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind”.

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