#rsrh As of Monday, Jon Corzine is STILL bundling for Barack Obama?

I’m honestly flabbergasted: when the news came in on Saturday that the probably-won’t-be-indicted-for-anything-before-2013 Jon Corzine was still collecting cash for the President, I assumed that this no-doubt-grevious-oversight would be handled by, say, Monday morning.  After all, surely Corzine was radioactive after the suspicious collapse of his company MF Global?  Particularly since there’s now testimony contradicting Corzine’s about what happened to at least some of the 1.2 billion of customer money that went on walkabout during said collapse?  And yet… it’s Monday afternoon, and there’s no indication that the Obama campaign is worried about Saturday’s revelation; in fact, I’m not even entirely certain that they comprehend that this is a revelation at all.  After all: as somebody or other pointed out last weekend, they disclosed that they’re using Corzine to fundraise, right?  Surely that’s enough?

Spoiler warning: no, it’s not enough.  The entire point of transparency is to give campaigns negative feedback about doing stupid things like, say, using as a bundler a guy that a large swath of the country would like to see starring in a perp walk.  Particularly when said swath includes members of your own party

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