Mia Love’s (R CAND, UT-04) Saturday convention speech.

Below is the speech that Mia Love made Saturday, prior to winning the Republican nomination for UT-04 with 70% of the delegate vote.  It’s pretty affirmative stuff: it highlights Mia’s life experience as the daughter of immigrants, affirms her American and Utahn values… and rips into Jim Matheson for his refusal to stand up for either, when in the clutch.  Well worth watching.


I’ve been told that Mia’s win on Saturday was a bit of a surprise; competition for the nomination was fierce, and there were several qualified candidates.  As 54°40’ Or Fight! argues, this speech might have made the difference.  Well, that’s why they have them.

Moe Lane

PS: Mia Love for UT-04.


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  • countrydoc says:

    I think pushing in the blogosphere helped as well. I’ve been seeing her pop up all over the place. This is a wonderful thing. Citizen involvement in a democracy works! Who knew?

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