And today’s video will be NEVER MIND LOOK AT THAT OGRE BOX.

Dear GOD.


Two weeks to go on that Kickstarter, and it’s funded to a fare-thee-well, so all I have to do is figure out how to:

  • Buy it ($100 is a lot of money, BUT LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BOX);
  • Find people to play it with.

9 thoughts on “And today’s video will be NEVER MIND LOOK AT THAT OGRE BOX.”

  1. I have two other words: SHADOWRUN KICKSTARTER!

    plus I will donate to the Moe Lane fund if you need more reason to pledge to the Ogre.

  2. also, considering how well this is going, and the comments backers have left… next up *could* be Car Wars. *squee* (oh, FYI – SJ has also committed to doing an Ogre computer game. WOOT!)

  3. I remember playing the Ogre computer game in college an an Apple IIe. What could be so heavy in that box?….obviously the Ogre needs an impressively large lead figure, I guess..

  4. A c-note is a lot of money, but in relative terms it can’t be that much more than the original 40K:Rogue Trader book was back in ’88. Plus, the target audience is older and (with some exceptions) has more disposable income now.

  5. The Ogres and Building are 3D constructable, and frigging huge. Other counters are only 2D, but printed on the same heavy board, and there are LOADS of them. Plus multiple very large maps. And the reference books. If you look at the site, you’ll get a good idea.

    Ogre was the first wargame I ever bought. (Albeit in a pocketbox.) I’ve been squeeing over this release for around three years.
    (And hey, it’s for the children. I can teach them to play when they’re old enough. Which makes it practically a family tradition.)

  6. Wow, does that take me back. Some notes

    – Kickstarter, aka “Shut Up and Take My Money!” Wonderful, wonderful idea.

    – O.G.R.E was supposedly based on Keith Laumer’s Bolo supertanks. From what I’ve heard about O.G.R.E, it may be true.

    – The “unstoppable monster opponent” scenario apparently could take place at sea. Any major warship with armor is almost invulnerable to lesser vessels (absent torpedo attacks). Not just battleships, but armored cruisers would seem like an OGRE/Bolo opponent to a flock of lesser vessels like light cruisers, destroyers, destroyer escorts, frigates, corvettes, etc. Hence the term “mosquito fleet.”

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