“…Dunno. How BORED did hyu say hyu vos?”

Punchline to today’s Girl Genius.  Man, I love these guys…

…but I’m starting to wonder when the webcomic is going to actually reach some sort of climax.  I think that we’re somewhere in Act III, or maybe the beginning of Act IV; and the Foglios are very, very good at this sort of thing.  Still, if they were thinking about dragging it out I would argue that they shouldn’t, largely because I’d rather see the comic get wrapped up rather than lose any quality.

Yeah, I know, I know: who asked me?

6 thoughts on ““…Dunno. How BORED did hyu say hyu vos?””

  1. If you want quality it’s very hard to beat Girl Genius. Of course even if they wrapped quickly, they’ve got a lot of plot threads to work on.

  2. The only thing that annoys me about GG is the fact that nobody ever seems to die for good. It takes away from the dramatic tension, knowing that whoeverintheheck just had their big farewell scene THIS time will be back within a few months (which is maybe before the weekend, story-time). It also dilutes the hazard the main characters are supposed to be in: if all the bad guys can come back like a bad Mexican dinner, then the life-threatening peril the good guys are facing isn’t all that perilous.
    But hey, Foglio.

  3. I’d say to of Act IV in a five act production, and I expect we’ll see a short epilogue as well. While I’m spouting unsubstantiated speculation, I suspect today’s strip foreshadows and advances the resolution for the wild jaegers. I don’t know that they ever had *their* apotheosis, but they’re definitely finding the return threshold painful to cross.

  4. In an interview Phil Foglio said that the castle arc put them at about the halfway point. So, we would seem to be in eraly act 3 of 4, or 4 of 8 or 12 of 24 or what have you.

  5. The whole concept does seem to have collapsed into a mess of details.

    Not just the plot, but when was the last time there was a major visual like the reveal of Castle Wulfenbach, or the Battle Circus? I even have fond memories of Agatha walking across the sky bridge to face Castle Heterodyne’s test.

  6. Patience, grasshopper. The treasure is in the journey, not merely the destination.

    I think we’re about halfway through. We’re going to go to England, and we’re going to see Skifander, and we’re probably going to see where the Geisterdamen live. There almost certainly will be a couple of big surprises about sveral major characters (even beyond the open secret about Gil and Zeetha), and there may even be a big surprise or two about geography coming up.

    I’d be very surprised if the saga wraps up before 2020.

    … when was the last time there was a major visual like the reveal of Castle Wulfenbach, or the Battle Circus?

    I thought the Heterodyne Library was pretty frakkin’ neat (did you spot all the Easter eggs?), as was the ringing of the Doom Bell.

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