“I’m Batman.”

Apparently it’s going to be Geek Friday here at Chez MoeLane.com.

Via Do Gooder Press.  I have a complex reaction to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  On the one hand, it’s brilliant.  On the other hand… well, the Internet has had many the discussion about whether this and/or Watchmen permanently sent the comic book genre spiraling down into an existential pit of horror, despair, and absurd poses.

On the gripping hand, The Dark Knight Strikes Again frankly sucked.

2 thoughts on ““I’m Batman.””

  1. With apologies to yourself, Moe…Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I am a comic book heretic. I DID NOT CARE FOR WATCHMEN. My purpose in reading comic books is not so that I can then meditate on the pointlessness of human existence. Frankly, the artwork was kind of shitty too (that’s right, I said it).

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