#QOTD, An Unsettling Line From @Instapundit Edition.

In reaction to Walter Russell Mead’s post about the latest round of (presumably) Muslim violence against Christians in Nigeria, Glenn Reynolds writes:

While the Knights Templar slouch toward Rome, waiting to be reborn.

Judging from the literary reference embodied by ‘slouch,’ Glenn does not wish* to see another Crusade; and neither do I.  Neither does, I think, Pope Benedict XVI.  But the final decision of whether there will be one is not exactly in any of our hands. Including the Pope’s: most of the Christians in Africa are going to be indifferent at best towards the opinions of the head of the Roman Catholic Church…

Moe Lane

*Note the verb choice.

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  • Wombat-socho says:

    What do we need another Crusade for? Jerusalem has already been redeemed from the paynim! 😉

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