#rsrh #FORWARD …Obama will desperately try to find a new motto when this one crashes and burns.

You know, when you’re a Democrat and Politico won’t carry your water

The Obama campaign is out with a new web video Monday…

[snip of half-hearted attempts to parrot Democratic talking points]

…It’s part of the ongoing struggle for the Obama campaign to try to find a slogan that will stick.

…Well, you’re apparently Barack Obama.  You know: I may actually end up enjoying this election cycle.  It’s shaping up to be better than I expected.

Via @PounderFile.

Moe Lane

PS: I give this one two weeks.  Also: they should have tried “Excelsior!”  Still would have been stupid, but at least it would have suggested that there’s a member of this administration who realizes that history started before, oh, 1992 or so…


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