2012’s vaunted customer service apparently lied to me.

I suppose that it was inevitable; they’re normally pretty good about this stuff, but apparently not today.  Short version: when I signed up for my Amazon Prime membership they charged the wrong card.  OK.  They neglected to send me a warning that my free trial was about to expire.  Well, that’s not required of them – a good idea, but not required.  Here’s the thing, though: when I called them about switching the initial charge from my debit account to the credit card (which I did, about five minutes after getting the overdraft notice from my bank*) they told me that they could and would do that, easily.  Well, it turns out that they don’t do that… which I only found out when I called to check why it hadn’t been done.

This is usually the point where I start shouting, but fortunately for the customer service rep I’m sick this morning, which means that I’m taking extra care with my temper.

This is so totally a First World Problem – it mostly means that I will not be getting in on the OGRE Kickstarter; I simply don’t have the right funds in the right places, and I do not quite have the chutzpah to fundraise for it – but I’m a little surprised at Amazon over this.  If they had simply told me “No, sorry, we can’t credit your debit card and charge your credit card” at the start then I would have shrugged. I just don’t like being told that you’re going to do something, then it turns out that you aren’t, and you aren’t even going to call me back or email me to tell me that you aren’t.  And it’s probably that last part that’s so bemusing; it seems like such an elementary customer service error.

Here’s hoping that it’s not a fundamental one, too…

Moe Lane

*WEich, obviously, is why I even cared in the first place.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    Would hitting the tip jar get the funds in the right place?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      …Yes, but anybody who did would simply be paying for my ability to have my name listed on the bottom of the OGRE box. I mean, this isn’t the iPad2 drive or the ‘piss off the Left because they hate being reminded that their readers are cheapskates’ drives or even the ‘Moe would like some ice cream, too’ drives. Even I have limits to filthy lucre collection. 🙂

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Regardless, donated. a ) you need this, the only thing you need more is the inevitable Car Wars kickstarter and b) there are so many in box goodies now, you want to get it via the kickstarter if you can swing it.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    A Car Wars Kickstarter?
    I want an “In the Labyrinth” Kickstarter?

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