As God is my witness, I wasn’t going to fundraise for the OGRE.

No, really: as I noted in comments to this post I have criteria for doing one, and “Moe would like a toy to have extra bells and whistles” doesn’t really qualify. And I’m fine with that. I have a very blessed life.

Only… apparently this post hit whatever criterion there is out there to generate hate mail:

First off, I have to say that it’s always nice when I see that people have been reading my stuff. And not just the front-page: that comment implies that the guy reads my posts past the fold (I assume that it’s a guy, largely because of the chest-beating). That implies a certain amount of in-their-head that is exceptionally gratifying to see. Note also the almost-carefully hidden resentment there; ten bucks says that this fellow started a blog nine months ago, got ten comments total, and is now bitterly convinced that it’s all because bloggers like me get cut fat checks by the Koch brothers*. Lastly, of course, is that patently insincere promise to throw some cash my way for the OGRE (like he would, could, or that it’d stop me anyway). Won’t happen, of course…

…but I give up: if the idea that I could have my name on the OGRE box is that offensive to the netroots then I guess I just have to grin and bear it. The good news is, the damn thing only costs a hundred bucks and I have a decent chunk of change earmarked for it already. So if you feel like it, knock yourself out.

I draw the line at dragging this thing out, though: it’s this post and done with the subject.

Moe Lane

PS: Just for added schadenfreude: I wrote this post largely on my iPad2. Which was largely paid for by hate mail like the above.

*Which he undoubtedly mispronounces on purpose. Because it’s only homophobia when you do it to liberals.


  • lourae says:

    Ms. Greene’s ‘bow-tying’ another example of thinly-veiled homophobia–man, is Farrakhan gonna be pissed.

  • Finrod says:

    Sadly, I recognize that IP address block– 128.46/16 is Purdue ECN, For years I had an account on, The lower half of the IP block is, or at least used to be, used for regional purposes in the state of Indiana, so most IPs are somewhere in the upper half. Or it could be somewhere else at Purdue, but it’s still a Purdue IP address unless Purdue sold off 128.46/16 for whatever reason.

    Backstory: Purdue CS was the first to get a class B address space: 128.10/16. Then Purdue ECN wanted network space and Purdue CS said ‘go get your own’, and they did: 128.46/16. Then PUCC, the Purdue University Computer Center wanted network space and both Purdue CS and Purdue ECN said ‘go get your own’, so they did: 128.210/16. At the same time Doug Comer decided he wanted his own personal IP address space and got 128.211/16. This is undoubtedly far more than you ever wanted to know about IP addresses at Purdue.

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