The ‘Obama launches his campaign on Marx’s Birthday’ Obligatory Post.

As somebody commented privately, Obama’s just trying to mess with our heads now. Oh, sure, the man’s going to pretend that starting his campaign on May 5th is to honor Cinco de Mayo, but nope: it’s all about the Commies.

But that’s OK: we over at the People’s Glorious RedState Revolutionary Collective can mess with heads, too.

Isn’t that pretty? It really was a collective effort, too: we had one person who found the original cover – yup, it’s real; you can find it at h ttp:// (link disabled because, well, Commies) – one person to come up with the changes (didn’t need many, really; it seems that Barack Obama has a kind of generic, washed-out sort of face), and one person who can actually do art.

FORWARD! …to January 2013, when Mitt Romney and the new Congress will finally disengage the parking brake.

Moe Lane (version crossposted here)

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