#rsrh Hey, is President Obama touchy about his (perhaps lack of) basketball skills?

Because I think – and interestingly enough, I think that Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) thinks – that the President may be just a little bit, ah, reluctant to get on the court with somebody with absolutely no reservations whatsoever about beating him.

Via AoSHQ.

Moe Lane

PS: From the article…

In mid-February 2010, [Sen. Brown’s daughter and college basketball player] Ayla went on TV and proposed they charge admission to the game, with proceeds going to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. Springfield, Massachusetts Mayor Domenic Sarno gave it a shot next, sending a letter to the White House in late February offering to host the game in Springfield (the birthplace of basketball), with proceeds going to charities in the city. Brown said he was in, a White House spokesperson said the invitation was being studied.

Domenic Sarno, huh?


Seriously, Hotline: don’t you think that it’s newsworthy that the Democratic mayor of Springfield – the largest city in western MA – is on comfortable enough terms with Brown that he’d go along with the Senator’s challenge? Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.