#rsrh QotD, ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Edition.

From this review of The Avengers*:

Who Would Win In A Fight: Thor Or The Hulk? Look, I’m a busy man; I don’t have time for this geek crap. And Hulk is the strongest there is.

Guess we know which comic books Pete Vonder Haar read, growing up.

Moe Lane

*From what I’m hearing, Joss Whedon is looking good for having Hollywood bankroll whatever the heck he feels like directing next.  But… from what I’ve seen, you get one Golden Ticket per mega hit, Joss.  Spend it wisely.

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  1. Could we get him to take over the proposed Buffy remake and do it right this time?

  2. Moe, I’m not sure that review you linked is the review you’re talking about – It’s Ed Morrisey’s at Hotair and I can’t find the quote anywhere in it.

  3. Hey, I liked the original Buffy movie. Paul Reubens’ death scene during the end credits was HILARIOUS.

  4. Given Whedon’s apparent (because stated) belief that the toughest thing he had to cut from The Avengers script was a “We’ve lost our way, we need health care and welfare for all”-type liberal talking points speech coming from the mouth of Captain America (!), I am going to make two predictions. First, Whedon more likely than not misspends his Golden Ticket, as Moe put it. Second, I’m going to be very very happy that he did so.

  5. I’m with Wombat-socho, the original Buffy was an awesome movie. It was billed as a parody of horror movies up to that point. I was disappointed when the show didn’t follow in it’s footsteps.

  6. @ Demosthenes, I think the tongue was planted firmly in cheek with that quote. It may also have been referencing some jerk writer at Marvel trying to get Captain America into the social justice pablum. I think it was 3 or 4 years ago they tried to push that garbage on to the readers.

  7. What Doug said.

    Serenity 2, as a launch vehicle for series restart.

    Two by two, hands of blue.

  8. Patrick: I don’t think so. If you check out Joss’s letter at the end of Buffy #40, this phrase kind of jumps out to me: “There is never progress without hateful, reactionary blowback. That’s never been more apparent than in today’s political scene in America.” Whedon’s just another lib, man. http://www.darkhorse.com/Blog/228/ending-buffy-season-8

  9. @ Demosthenes: Not to reveal any spoilers, but there was a visual metaphor in the first half of the movie involving Captain America that made me want to jump out of my seat and cheer. Pure patriotic goodness! So I’d give Whedon the benefit of the doubt on that one. Yes, he’s a lib, but he keeps it under control for his big projects. IMHO.

  10. Mike, I’ve seen the movie, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re talking about, and I agree it was a great moment. Still doesn’t change what I wrote in my first comment.

  11. Ended up seeing The Avengers today almost by accident. First time I’ve been inside a movie theater in many years.

    Looong movie, but a good one. Excellent in fact, to my surprise. They finally made a movie worthy of its special effects. Good characters, great writing.

    If you see The Avengers, stay for the full credits, then one minute after the credits end. My ride got the tip and it was worth it. 99% of the audience at my showing missed it.

  12. I’m with Scott & Doug: Serenity 2 with new Firefly series. Don’t know if they’d be able to recapture the old casting magic though. Original actors are getting kinda old. Nathan Fillion looks puffy in the few episodes of “Castle” I’ve seen.

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