#rsrh Joe Biden Opens His Mouth, Same-Sex Marriage Edition.

He’s for it.

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Fine, so am I.  But you know what the difference between me and Joe Biden is?  My primary site (RedState) doesn’t go into full panic mode every time I happen to mention that; Biden’s (the White House) does.

Twitchy has the details, and they are hysterical. Short version is that the Obama administration does not want to even appear to be coming out* in support of same-sex marriage in any way, shape, or form… and the administration will almost happily offend gay and gay-friendly groups in their hasty scramble to backtrack from Biden’s statements.  The administration’s immediate response is being pretty bare-faced in its essential contempt for liberal pro-same-sex marriage supporter; it basically boils down to “We’re going to pretend that Biden never endorsed SSM. Status quo! Status quo!”

Fortunately, I am a conservative (well, quasi-libertarian) pro-same-sex marriage supporter, so this one-step-forward, twenty-paces-and-dive-down-a-mineshaft-back doesn’t really offend me.  I wasn’t really planning on expecting any movement from this (frankly, cowardly) administration on the subject anyway…

Moe Lane



  • BigGator5 says:

    I’m Anti-Marriage-As-A-Legal-Term. Civil Unions for everyone and give marriage back to the church (or other place of worship).
    Also, I like Dan McLaughlin’s tweet on the subject. This could apply to almost anything Joe Biden says.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Dan McLaughlin is terrifyingly good at epigrams generally. I gave up trying to beat him at it years ago; now my strategy is to hold my own, and hope that he has an off day.

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