#rsrh There are many myths from 2008 I will enjoy puncturing in 2012…

…and do you know what my favorite myth to puncture will be? The one about how Team Obama is/was this unstoppable juggernaut of DOOM.



You’d think that Obama’s official 2012 kickoff would fill a stadium, huh?  Especially one on a college campus. THAT HE OVERFLOWED TWO YEARS AGO.

Not much to add, except my two cents on this entire “Are we being distracted?” line, which started showing up in the media right after Team Obama got smacked in the face several times running after trying to play define-the-opponent games on his opponent. I feel that we are capable of, as my colleague streiff at RS put it, capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.  In fact, I feel that Mitt Romney and I – hubris, much? – are starting to come to an understanding. Mitt Romney’s job is to keep smacking the President around on the economy. My job is keep smacking the President around on everything else.

I am fine with this division of labor.  I can hack it.  It should be a thing.

Moe Lane

PS: I might as well make this observation now.  I’m always happy to be given tips about interesting stuff, or new developments.  But every cycle somebody gets bent out of shape because I – or the other members of the VRWC – write about stuff that I/we think is important, as opposed to what the person getting bent out of shape thinks is important.  That’s… not really my problem.


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