#rsrh A few suggested questions for Obama’s 10:30 AM conference call.

Yeah, I hear that they’re having one.  So I figured that I could help by providing anybody in the media who was starting to feel… rambunctious… a few good questions to ask.

Because I’m a giver.

  • Reportedly, the Obama campaign will be claiming their concern for students entering the workforce.  How does it justify its rhetoric, given that the administration’s ongoing attacks on small businesses and start-ups?
  • The Obama campaign will also reportedly pivot on jobs.  How many pivots to jobs does this make at this point, and will they be replacing the carpet any time soon?
  • It is assumed that at some point an Obama campaign official will make a snide comment about the Republican budget.  List the last five things that the administration has done to punish Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for refusing to submit a budget for consideration.  Because it’s been, you know, three YEARS.
  • Lastly… it’s been a while since Obama for America has come out with a new ham-fisted attempt to try to spawn some good, old-fashioned bigotry against the presumed nominee.  Can we at least get a hint of what the new spring hate line will be?

Hope that helps!

Moe Lane


  • Doug Stewart says:

    a) Did you hear about the time Mitt Romney got arrested?
    b) Accusations of “Pivoting” are synonymous with “French-looking”. Are you calling the President a traitor?
    c) Magic underwear.
    d) Shut up.

  • Spegen says:

    ” Mr President, what can we do today to help you get reelected?”
    That would be at least an honest question from the press.

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