So. The Expendables 2.

Looks like they said, Well.  The first one was a little too subtle.  Who can we bring in to fix that?

And so they did.

I’m going to go have to see the first one now, huh?

Moe Lane


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    Damn straight you will!

  • KleptoBek says:

    I don’t think there’s any other option. If you are a self-respecting American man, not only must you see it, but you’ll be adding it to your permanent video library. It’s THE LAW.

  • Canthros says:

    I find the first one stands out in my memory mostly for how greatly it exceeded my expectations (which were, admittedly, really low). It was a lot of fun, in a dumb, 80’s-action-movie sort of way. A lot like The A-Team, actually, but without the same level of high-gloss production, and more ham. It might have been the most fun I had in the movie theater that summer (Iron Man 2 being sorta disappointing; A-Team being a better movie, but not quite as much fun; and Scott Pilgrim being pretty to look at and not much else).

    So, I’m looking forward to this one. I’m going to be more than ready to turn my brain off for a couple hours come August, anyway, between work, personal life, and the inescapable national news cycle.

  • JeffV says:

    There’s an internet comment about the first one that stuck with me. The first commercial came on at the start of the Olympics and someone said that no matter how the games turned out, America had just won.

  • Luke says:

    Yes. Yes you will. Turn up the sub-woofer, grab a cold beer or two, and enjoy.

    It’s a lot of fun. Lots of cinematic combat, lots of great one-liners. (I especially like the one Dolph gets early in the movie.) Some great characters, even if they are drenched in cheese. It’s not much exaggeration that it’s been dubbed “TVTropes: The Movie”.

    But IMO, Mickey Rourke makes the movie, with no snappy dialogue or action scenes.

  • jbird says:

    what, they couldn’t squeeze in Mario Van Peebles?

  • DaveP. says:

    The first movie rocked. Stratham is a longtime favoprite of mine, and Dolph Lundgren would make a great evil vampire in some horror movie somewhere- jsut imagine him in a cape and fangs. The man looms well.

    jbird: Nah. Van Peebles is still off in the fever swamps, trying to find the “CIA imported heroin and coke into Harlem to keep da Brothas down” smoking gun.

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