#rsrh Commie vs. fascist showdown in Chi-town!


(Call for NATO Chicago May 20th protests starts at 2:30)


Blackhawks Circle Low Through Chicago Skies as Secret Service Releases Security Details:

Blackhawk exercises in Chicago!

OK, I’m being kind of unfair to Rahm Emanuel: when you’re dealing with the Black Bloc, well, they say that the first step in training a jackass is to get the jackass’s attention. For that matter, I called Rudy Giuliani a ‘fascist’ for pretty much his entire term as Mayor, usually while I had my beer raised in a toast. This would be before Bloomberg the Nanny took office and started trying to get rid of everything fun that I was using NYC for

But I digress. I’m not really rooting for injuries, because this contest will be OWS/Black Bloc vs. the cops. And it’s not… nice… to anticipate fondly the curbstomping of dirty anarchist blackshirts. It gets your soul all sticky, as the philosopher once said. Still: there’ll be a hot time in the old town May 20th…

Moe Lane

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    I don’t get it. What’s wrong with hoping to see some “anarchist” get what he’s asking for?
    Personally, I think the police response should be “pull up a bandanna to cover your face, receive a free round of .308 Win”.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Rob: the f*ckers like to get meat shields; also, I don’t want a cop waking up for six months in a cold sweat because he or she had to discharge his or her service revolver.

  • JeffV says:

    I’m sure this will amount to nothing, much like the Oakland May Day protests. Chanting, garbage can shields, posing, fleeing. At most a few broken windows and paint bombs, a few arrests, but certainly no serious attempt at driving NATO into the sea or anything.

  • JeffV says:

    More than being shot (which teaches nothing), it would be nice for history major anarchists to get exactly what they want. Certainly there’s some Lord of the Flies island somewhere we could send them to experience real anarchy. Somalia maybe. It would be a good education in the valve of rule of law.

  • BCochran1981 says:

    JeffV: Well we’ve pissed off pretty much every other ally we have, lets go for the brass ring. Pull a page from Britain’s book and send em all to Australia.

  • BCochran1981 says:

    And I disagree, getting shot certainly teaches something. If you survive the gunshot, then you think “holy sh*t, that guy shot me for doing XYZ! I’m not gonna do that anymore.” If you don’t survive the gunshot, the guy next to you thinks “holy sh*t, they shot that guy for doing the same thing I was doing! I’m not gonna do that anymore.” And if you’re in either camp and refuse to learn and apply that lesson, well, everyone benefits from a cleaner gene pool.

  • Spegen says:

    Fascism in Chicago? What’s new? Same government since Daley the First. At least it will allow the old hippies to fondly remember the summer of 68. Names change corruption stays the same.

  • JeffV says:

    Well, by that logic, these sorts of things should have ended with Kent State. Instead it sort of had the opposite effect. The left got a lot of milage out of only four martyrs. Escalating violence should be done from the protester side so that no broad sympathy can build for them.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    “More than being shot (which teaches nothing)”
    Huh? It’s not supposed to teach the recipient. It’s supposed to STOP the recipient and teach onlookers.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    “Escalating violence should be done from the protester side so that no broad sympathy can build for them.”
    So there’s no down side for a “protester” to become violent, because his targets will never respond for fear of making him a sympathetic figure.
    Or are you calling for indulgence up to a certain point? At what point? Bombs? They’ve gotten there. Lynch mobs? Well, they’ve tried. Actual dead victims?

  • JeffV says:

    The “being shot” that I originally refered to was the fatal kind, which is not very instructive to the recipient. After all, if you’ve gotten to the point of shooting real bullets, fatal wounds are the goal, otherwise you’ld employ something less than lead bullets. A shooting victim that learns a lesson is the result of a poorly aimed shot. I think there does need to be a certain amount of indulgence of protestors, up to the point where there is a clear danger to health or property, then those specific individuals should be targeted for arrest. There is a danger of over-reacting or reacting too early since the real battle isn’t played on the street, but in the newsrooms (or blog sites). Cracking (relatively) innocent skulls or (as we’ve been discussing), shooting without specific life-endangering provocation may win a battle but lose a war. Because there was a bomb plot in Cleveland is no reason for a Bloody Sunday in Chicago. Increased police presents probably, but nothing more without further cause.

  • K M Scane says:

    Establish a neutral zome that can’t be crossed by demonstrators. Walk over the line and you get tagged. Period. If shots are needed, get the biggest/loudest/most obnoxious one first.
    Question??: Is Billy Ayy! gonna be in front? That would just be precious.

  • BCochran1981 says:

    I’m not actually a fan of using bullets. Too much crap heaped on the officers. Water cannons and dogs, however…

  • Catseye says:

    Not water cannon and dogs it’ll look like Selma my vote is for Skunk spray and tracking dogs that night. Arrest them and run them before a judge that night odds are he’ll remand them to get the smell out of court and put them in jail after a couple of rounds there won’t be any takers on crossing the line. Or on being near anyone who crosses the line for that matter.

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