#rsrh QotD, Ain’t It The Truth, Jonah? Edition.

Jonah Goldberg, on the pleasures of being chipper.

My friend Andrew Breitbart and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on every issue, but on this we were in complete agreement: Enjoy yourself, it pisses all the right people off.

You know why I don’t keep it a secret that I am a hardcore gaming/science fiction geek? Because it turned out that I didn’t have to.  You know why I proudly cop to being a partisan Republican hack? Because doing so is liberating.  You know why I’m not obsessed about my dignity? Because dignity sometimes gets in the way of being effective.  And you know why I rub all of this in the faces of the Online Left – the vast majority of whom are gloomily trapped in their Outer Party, with their Victory Gin and their Two-Minute Hates- at every opportunity?

Because it’s fun*.  Especially since it bugs them that I can do it, too: I’m not supposed to be enjoying myself, you see.

Moe Lane

*While it lasts, of course.

PS: Buy Jonah’s book:


6 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, Ain’t It The Truth, Jonah? Edition.”

  1. I still haven’t read the first book, four years later the kindle edition is still $14. I’m guessing this one will follow a similar pricing trajectory, and I’ll miss it as well.

    1. Skip: check both out of the library, or buy ’em used. Goldberg, Sean Trende, and Amity Shlaes (The Forgotten Man, and probably her Coolidge bio later this year) are writing some darn useful stuff this cycle.

  2. Skip – Is it available for “borrowing” via Amazon Prime?

    (I haven’t found anything available to borrow that I’d actually buy yet …but it could happen…)


  3. They are called libraries. You ought to try ’em out. I got Liberal Fascism read that way, twice.

  4. Jonah’s book arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago. I’ll read it on the trip I have to make next week.

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