#rsrh I will not blame Orrin Hatch for getting Arlen Specter’s endorsement.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) There is no indication that Senator Hatch sought this endorsement, or will do anything with it except fire it back at former Pennsylvania Senator Specter’s head at high speed.  Hatch’s smarter than that.  Which is why he’s still in the race, and, say, Dick Lugar is not.

That’s it, except that this is entertaining:

“The cannibals function to cost the Republicans the senate seat in Colorado and Delaware and Nevada, almost in Alaska, and now Orrin Hatch is in jeopardy in Utah,” [Specter] continued.

Actually, we lost the potential pickup in Colorado because the governor’s race imploded up there, and the Senate seat was part of the fallout. Delaware I’ll grant – Nevada was a longer shot than is generally admitted – but it’s entertaining to note that Specter declines to admit that the aforementioned ‘cannibals’ also made sure that we upgraded Utah, kept Florida & Kentucky, and picked up Massachusetts, Wisconsin… and, hey, Pennsylvania!  Specter tends to be kind of vague about how that last one happened, I’m gathering…


  • Aruges says:

    My question, is “Why does he care?” He left our party and got broomed by his new one. Were the Dems who showed him the door “cannibals” too?

    I’m not generally a “win by loosing” guy, but in Mike Castle’s case, I think we really did. He truly would have been an awful Republican Senator. My only regret in the general race was that O’Donnell was such a bad candidate she couldn’t win or become invisible. Still worth it.

    The Alaska race hurt. We’ll be paying for Murky winning that one for a long time I fear.

  • Skip says:

    The only thing bad about this one is that it didn’t come sooner.

    Assuming Hatch wins, it will be interesting to see how quickly and how far he lurches back to the left when he’s not facing a quick reelection. I’m not sure that any Senator over the age of, say, about 55 has really internalized that they don’t get two or three years of pass as the beginning of a term, where the stuff won’t be brought up during the reelection campaign.

  • Beej says:

    I totally snorted there toward the end.

    And I’ve never regretted losing Delaware since someone at RedState pointed out that the Snowe/Collins types in our party end up being catered and kow-towed to by the good Republicans so we can get their vote. They’re treated as the most important Senators we have. That burns me more than I can say.

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