#rsrh A quick head’s-up to Team Romney:

Find out who in your staff talked to Politico off the record for this article on what Romney supposedly is and is not doing differently than McCain did in 2008, and have them not do that again.  I’m not saying fire those staffers; I’m saying sit them down and explain to them, gently, that Politico hates Mitt Romney, and wants him to die in a grease fire.  I mean, seriously.  The Politico wrote this with a straight face:

Steve Schmidt, a top official on the McCain campaign, acknowledged the need for Romney to do things differently, saying that every major decision in 2008 had been made “through the prism that we were running in the worst political environment any Republican presidential candidate had every faced – it was just horrific.”

“That drove a culture of risk-taking and animated every aspect of the campaign,” Schmidt recalled. “The Romney campaign is in a totally winnable race, and their actions reflect that. They’re more cautious, where we were more elbows-out.”

As one of my physicist friends likes to say: that’s not even wrong.  And everybody involved in any way with the ’08 race knows that.  Including Politico, which is why they wrote up this article accordingly.

I repeat: they want Romney to die in a grease fire.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t think that I need to offer this advice, but I will anyway: fight every day; call the opposition on their nonsense; confront attackers, even when they’re in the press; and master your passions.

Oh, and bring up hypocrisy whenever necessary.  They purely hate that one being aimed at them.


  • DaveP. says:

    Well, anyone listening to or quoting Steve “It’s all that Alaskan woman’s fault! Really!” Schmitt deserves to lose. The amn’s not just a failure, he’s a backbiting failure.

  • Patrick Thomas says:

    Hey Dave, I’d see him of more than a failure. I’d call him a black hole of talent. He’s so full of himself his density is above a critical mass and he sucks the talent away from people never to be used again.

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