#rsrh Team Romney REPUDIATES any OUTSIDE reference to Obama’s racist pastor Reverend Jeremiah White.

You know.  The one who said “G*d d*mn America.”

You hear that, folks?  Team Romney wants to make it clear that they REPUDIATE any possible reference by scurrilous individuals about Barack Obama’s willingness to sit and listen to a race-baiting, white-hating bigot preacher for nigh-on twenty years.  They probably will REPUDIATE any mentioning of the fact that said race-baiting, white-hating bigot preacher is out there telling people that the Obama campaign offered him hush money during 2008, too.  Yup.  They’re going to REPUDIATE it all in order to better focus on the economy, which by the way is absolutely HORRIBLE because of the President and his political party.

Hey, you want to see the press conference that Team Romney had to announce that they were going to REPUDIATE any Rev. Jeremiah Wright line of attack?  Here you go:

Remember.  REPUDIATE.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: As a reminder: McCain/Obama was before Citizens United; Romney/Obama is after it. :piously: The various so-called ‘Super PACs’ are simply not allowed to coordinate their message with the Romney campaign, and ‘doing as they are told’ certainly counts as ‘coordination.’  That this leads to a situation where all a campaign can do about a particular line of attack is REPUDIATE it is really the fault of the foolish politicians who set up these onerous campaign communication restrictions in the first place.  Take it up with them – well, the ones who are still in office, at any rate.

PPS:  Also remember that Romney’s job is talking about the economy.  Our job is talking about everything else.

PPPS: Heh.  Turns out that the Super PACs apparently decided that they don’t even even need to spend the ten million dollars now, given that the subject has been so comprehensively brought up.  If you’re wondering what the point of all of it was, then, well… I believe that the technical term is ‘Google hits.’

Mission, as they say, accomplished.


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