#rsrh QotD, It Explains So Much Edition.

Erick got in a couple of good digs in about the revelation that Barack Obama’s own press agents had lied by advertising Obama as being Kenyan-born for a decade (for the record: I am as hard on Birthers here as we are on RedState, and we ban Birthers on sight at RedState), so read the whole thing.  A taste:

Barack Obama embellishing his biography to make himself look unique? Hardly worthy of press attention. In fact, nothing Barack Obama has done suggesting serious character flaws — and that’s what this is about — is ever worth the media’s collective attention. Why? Because some people think Barack Obama was born in Kenya, but much of the press corps is pretty damn sure he was born in Bethlehem.

Pretty much.  One observation, though: (as I have already sporadically commented) this is just like the Elizabeth Warren affair, in two ways.  First off: the reason why Obama and Warren lied about their backgrounds is because the environment that they were in – liberal academia – wanted them to lie, and encouraged them to lie.  It made them more diverse, which made liberal institutions more diverse in hiring them, and in this particular case ‘diverse’ is semantically equivalent to ‘exotic.’  Second: if Obama or Warren had ever decided not to seek higher office – if they had decided that they were comfortable in their academic cocoon – they STILL would be claiming their faux-exotic status.  And getting away with it, too.

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