#rsrh I doubt that Obama will dare make a big, PUBLIC thing about hosting Bush…

…for the official unveiling on May 31st of the Bush’s Presidential/First Lady portraits.  You see, if Obama is smart he’ll avoid giving the rest of the country any further reminder that George W Bush has more class in his pinkie finger than currently exists in the entire Executive Branch of the federal government.  And if Obama is… well, Obama… then he’ll just be a sneak about the whole thing and have one of his creatures try to snipe at his predecessor from the safety of anonymous sourcing.  Either way, there’s no way that Obama has the guts to say anything to Bush’s face.

Not Obama’s style.

Moe Lane

(Via Hot Air)


  • Joanna says:

    I clicked through and read the article, nicely written. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments. WHY OH WHY DID I DO THAT? As if I needed a reminder that humanity sucks.

  • cali says:

    When it comes to ‘class’ W Bush and Laura Bush can teach these two current jerks in the white house a thing or two.

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