#rsrh Credit where it’s due to the View…

…yeah, I’m going to get people shaking their fingers at me for saying that.

(H/T Hot Air) Anyway, credit where it’s due to the View: they handled their response to Larry Flynt’s latest tired outrage (creating an obscene fake picture of conservative commentator SE Cupp) about as well as anybody could have expected them to.

No excuses, no apologetics, no attempt to try to change the subject when Cupp pointed out that this was not an exactly surprising thing to have happen to a prominent conservative/libertarian woman.  Particularly when it comes to Larry Flynt, who is of course a bitter old paraplegic who – due to an sudden encounter with a sniper bullet in the early Eighties – hasn’t had an erection for longer than some people reading this have been alive. Not that this was a particular blow to the gene pool, all things considered.

Hey.  Freedom of speech, remember?  Because I just had the happy thought that if Flynt doesn’t want to follow the courtesies of Western society – if, in fact, he wishes to defecate all over them – then he has no kick coming* when people treat him the same way…

Moe Lane



  • physics geek says:

    I was pleasantly surprised. I had opined that Whoopi might say “Well sure, they put a c*ck in her mouth, but it wasn’t a c*ck-c*ck.” Glad to see that I was incorrect and that some on the left agree that some things are just plain wrong.

  • Dan Irving says:

    What’s ironic, and as Reason Mag pointed out, is that the very same case Larry points and protecting his ‘satire’ was on on first amendment grounds. The pic he published was an attempt to stifle S.C. – “I know what will shut her up! *wink* *wink*.” That thought process is vile. Don’t agree with her politics is fine – attempting to stifle her voice is just plain thuggery.

  • Dan Irving says:

    *was on not ‘on on’ … I’m no Hash House Harrier …

  • Dan Irving says:

    *was won on … Crap! You need a comment editor Moe 🙂

  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    Whoopi has always come across as a sane liberal. Unlike, say, Joy Behar.

  • antisocial says:

    I used to Like S. E. Cupp. After watching the video I like her even more. There was no outrage… I specifically liked her first amendment argument.

  • Cameron says:

    There is a cynical part of me that thinks the reactions of the cast of that show was based on a desire to get good press. Regardless, it was a surprise to see them actually be supportive towards S.E. and not dismissive.

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